Malike Scott Interview

Books That Changed My Life: Into The Wild with Malik Scott

Join us on our first episode of Books That Changed My Life, as we dive deep into the profound impact of “Into the Wild” on the life of boxing trainer Malik Scott who currently trains Deontay Wilder. Discover how “Into The Wild” resonated with Malik, in a way you may not expect. Through candid reflections, Malik recounts the parallels between McCandless’s quest for truth in the Alaskan wilderness and his own pursuit of purpose outside the boxing ring. From the highs of professional success to the lows of growing up in a home without a father, Malik’s story is a testament to the power of literature to provoke introspection and spur profound life changes. Malik and host Chris Collins, delve deep into the wilderness of the human spirit and uncover the transformative power of literature in shaping lives.

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